Alba Potes



Pedro Páramo (2015) Cantata for narrator, tenor, baritone, mixed chorus and four instruments (fl./bass fl., cl./bass cl., perc. and vlc.). Commissioned and premiered by Cantori New York. Dedicated to Mark Shapiro. Based on the novel Pedro Páramo by Mexican writer Juan Rulfo. Text adaptation by S. Jenny Potes-Curci. The soloists were: Peter Tantsits, tenor, Dan Kempson, baritone and Alfonso Díaz, narrator. Church of St. Luke in the Fields. 5/16/2015
Scenes 1 & 2 Duration: approx 18:00 [Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]

Canciones Nocturnas (Nocturnal Songs)(1993)
For soprano, flute, clarinet and cello; texts by Spanish poet Jorge Guillén. Colombian premiere by Susan Narucki, soprano and the New York New Music Ensemble. Sala Luis Angel Arango, Bogotá, Colombia, 11/11/2002
Duration: approx. 9:00[Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]

Desde el Aire: Seis Instantes (From the Air: Six Instants)(2010)
Commissioned by Ana Cervantes for her upcoming CD Cantos de la Monarca/Mujeres de México. Premiered at the Festival Internacional Cervantino, Guanajuato, México, 10/18/10
Duration: approx. 05:00 [Watch a video of the world premiere]

El Jardín de Tomás (Tomas' garden) (2007) for solo piano. Commissioned, dedicated to and premiered by David Holzman
African Museum of the SMA Fathers, Tenafly, NJ, 11/6/11
Duration: approx. 12:00 [Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]

Dulzuras (2004) for soprano and guitar.  Commissioned by the Office of Academic Affairs of Hostos Community College, CUNY for the opening ceremony of the Sixth Conference of Caribbean Hispanic Women Writers.  Texts by Cuban writer Dulce María Loynaz. Premiered by Thelma Ithier-Sterling, soprano and William Anderson, guitar.  Hostos Community College, New York City, 4/28, 04
Duration: 6:00 [Watch the video]

Traces/Homage to Bach (2010) for bass flute
Commissioned and premiered by Sue Ann Kahn at Mannes Concert Hall, New York, March 2010
Duration: approx. 05:22 >[Watch a video of the world premiere]
Watch video of Traces: A Meditation on Impermanence, by Joseph Ruscitto based on Traces: Homage to Bach]

Cantares para Orquesta (Songs for Orchestra) (2000)
Winner: The Women's Philharmonic New Music Reading Sessions.  Mary
Chun, conductor.  Cowell Theatre at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, June 2002
Duration: approx. 12:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]

Y la brisa trae aromas de cadmias....
(and the breeze carries a scent of cadmias…)  (2002) for fl., vl., vlc., piano and percussion. Commissioned and premiered by Music of Changes.  Herbert Zipper Recital Hall, Los Angeles, April 2002
Duration: 9:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]
A Due (2013) for Colombian tiple and guitar. Commissioned by The Roger Shapiro Fund and dedicated to Bill Anderson and Oren Fader. World premiere presented by Vox Novus - Composer's Voice, Jan Hus Chuch, New York City, 6/23/2013
Duration: approx. 7:00 [Watch a video of the world premiere]

Cantos Escondidos (Hidden Songs) (1995) for alto sax. or Eng. hn., vlc. and piano
Commissioned and premiered by Marshall Taylor, Rock Hall, Philadelphia, January 1997
Duration: 12:00 [Listen to an excerpt (mp3 file)]

Tres instrumentos para un tema obstinado (Three Instruments for an Insistent Theme) (2013) for flute/alto flute, guitar/Colombian tiple (optional) and double bass.
Commissioned by Sue Ann Kahn. Premiered by the League of Composers ISCM (Sue Ann Kahn, William Anderson, guitar/tiple and Lewis Paer).
Tenri Cultural Center, New York City, 3/30/2013
Duration: 11:00 [Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]

Changing Trains in Times Square in 30 Seconds (2014) for violin and piano.
Commissioned by Miranda Cuckson and premiered by Miranda Cuckson and Yegor Shevtsov.
Las Américas en Concierto
, Greenwich House Music, New York City, 2/23/2014[Watch a video by Joseph Ruscitto]