Alba Potes





Photograph by Joseph Ruscitto

". . . the wonderful registral spacing of the modernist Tres Piezas Breves para Piano of Alba Potes . . .". Review of pianist Martha Marchena's CD, 4/2010

Andrew Druckenbrod

Ms. Potes’ atonal ditties, to text by Jorge Guillén, limn nocturnal shadows exquisitely and are the very soul of brevity."4/22/1995

James Oestreich
The New York Times

". . . Her writing seeks clarity and illustrative open intervals to imply heavens." 11/4/1997

Daniel Webster
Philadelphia Inquirer

". . . the calmly weaving counterpoint, undulant dance rhythms and elegant harmonies of Cánticos para Cinco. . ." 11/26/1998

Anthony Tomasini
The New York Times

". . . in Canciones Nocturnas there were no such demurrals. The soft edges of the voice touched nicely upon word sounds, and equally nicely upon the sense of oblique, veiled connectedness with which the composer had one hearing these seven night-dark poems as, in fact, one." 4/18/1995

Richard Bell
The Boston Globe